The £95 Website Content Review

The best £95 you'll ever spend?

Is your website content effective and does it clearly communicate what you want to say?

Does the content include SEO terms that web users are searching for, and is it engaging enough to encourage them to contact you?

Unfortunately many websites suffer from the use of poor language, punctuation and grammatical mistakes, limited SEO terms, and a general lack of impact.

Unsurprisingly these sites fail to engage website visitors, who quickly move on to look at other sites. 

Poor website content gives the impression that the website owner isn’t professional and doesn’t care about small (but important) details, all of which affects how they perceive your service and whether they contact you or not.

A website content review tells you whether your site’s content is letting you down or whether it’s really working as hard as you.

The review includes:

  • A thorough assessment of the content on five pages of your website – you choose which pages.
  • An informative report detailing the findings of the assessment.
  • Suggestions and recommendations to improve your website content and correct mistakes.

Priced at just £95, the content review is an affordable way to understand whether your website content is effective and generating the interest you want.

Website content reviews can also be undertaken for sites with more than five pages; please contact us for a quote.